Thursday, 8 September 2011

Plastic Surgery Pros and Cons For Your Procedure

Every year, more and more people are electing to have some type of plastic surgery. There are many different procedures that you can get to improve virtually any part of your body. Whatever you feel insecure about, you can boost your self-confidence through the proper surgical procedure. However, just as there are obvious benefits to this type of surgery, there are also drawbacks to consider. Before you decide to go under the knife, you should carefully consider both the pros and cons of plastic surgery.

Many people would say that the biggest benefit of plastic surgery is improved physical appearance and self-esteem. If you are somewhat shy due to insecurities about your body, the proper procedure can help you become more outgoing and confident. You may feel better about meeting new people, more relaxed about posing for pictures, and more secure about your physical appearance. Another benefit is that you can change your appearance far more quickly with some procedures, such as liposuction and tummy tucks, than you would be able to through any diet and exercise regimen. Losing weight for a special event can be accomplished within just a few weeks or months of recovery time.

Even though plastic surgery can improve your physical appearance, it may not raise your self-esteem. You should carefully consider your own self-image and mental condition before having any cosmetic operations. For some people, physical improvements through surgery cannot erase personal insecurities, and they continue to feel poorly about themselves even after a cosmetic procedure. Make sure you are completely aware of the probable outcome of your surgery, and that you do not have any unrealistic expectations. Also, be sure you are well-informed about the surgery and the amount of time you will need to recover afterward.

The biggest potential drawback to plastic surgery is the risk of complications. Even though it is a cosmetic procedure, this type of surgery is still a medical procedure that carries certain risks. It is rare, but complications do sometimes occur. You could experience some nerve damage, which can result in numbness or tingling sensations. This type of damage is typically only temporary, but being unprepared for it can cause you a lot of distress. Since it is a surgical operation, there are also risks that can affect your physical health more permanently. Make sure you and your doctor discuss the possibilities in detail before your surgery.

Another drawback to consider is the time it will take for you to heal from your operation. Some procedures only require a couple of weeks for recovery, but others require several months. Even after you feel physically healed, the full results of your surgery may take even longer to become visible. It may take a while for your body to completely adjust after your procedure, and you may not see the final result for over a year. One other drawback to consider is the cost of your procedure. Most cosmetic surgeries are considered electives, and are therefore not covered by your insurance. The cost for some procedures is very high, and coming up with the money may be difficult. Make sure you feel certain that the outcome will be worth your money.

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  1. Honestly, I agree with cosmetic surgeries... I'm not against this kind of procedures as long as they are made consciously.
    I also underwent a nose job at Skin Vitality (, because all my life I had a problem with it... it bothered me a lot and now I'm happy that I got over it!