Monday, 19 September 2011

Saline or Silicone For Your Breast Augmentation?

When it comes to breast augmentation, the two major choices you have are between saline and silicone implants. Depending on what look you're going for, you and your plastic surgeon can discuss which option is right for you. To have an informed discussion with your doctor, it is helpful to understand a few facts about each of these different options so that you can work together at designing a customized surgical plan that will give you the best results possible.


Silicone breast implants have been around the longest. These are pre-made implants that are surgically placed into your chest to augment the size of your breasts. You may think that these are a one-size-fits-all solution, but there are many different shapes and sizes to choose from. When planning your surgery, these implants will require certain incisions and placement options. As an implant, silicone does last for a long time but you may need to look into revision surgery if calcification forms around the implant after 5-10 years. By choosing a board certified plastic surgeon, especially one that specializes in breast augmentation, you will have a better chance at having them last longer.


Saline is a popular breast augmentation technique because it allows a patient and a surgeon more options. Saline implants are silicone casings that are then filled with saline after they are placed in the chest. This gives you a couple of benefits. You can choose a variety of incision types. Your surgeon can enter the body through the areola, the armpit, and even the navel. You have a greater flexibility with size and shape. You can choose placement under or on top of your pectoral muscles. These are all options that you will discuss with your surgeon. As far as the life of the implant, these tend to have less risks with calcification than silicone, but revision surgery may be necessary after 10 years. Again, the better the doctor, the more long lasting the result.

As with all plastic surgery procedures, breast augmentation candidates must be healthy enough to undergo elective surgery. You must also display a mature commitment to surgery before qualifying for surgery, too. If you're interested in surgery, speak with your general practitioner before heading in for a consultation with a plastic surgeon. You should also think about your reasons for wanting surgery and feel comfortable and committed to altering your body. From there, you can have an informed, constructive discussion about which breast augmentation implant is best for you.


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